1. Is there any side effects in detoxification?
No need to be alarmed when you experience some unpleasant symptoms during cleansing, since your body is working hard to push out the toxins.
Common symptoms
  • Light headed/ nausea
  • Diarrhea/ constipation
  • Cravings for food (try to substitute by drinking water/ lemon water/ herbal tea
  • Skin break out
  • Dry mouth
  • Runny nose/ congestion
  • Low blood pressure
Each individual may experience different symptoms. Please seek a trusted professional opinion for some more precise information
2. How does detox work?

Find the full information here

3. How often should I detox?

Detox frequency depends on the lifestyle and habit of each individual. For example, the more frequent you eat unhealthy food the more often your body requires detoxification. The average cleansing process after a streak of unhealthy consumption habit would require 3 – 5 days program. However, for a regular fortnightly maintenance you may only require 1-day detox program. In summary, the way you live your life determines the condition of your body and the frequency required for detoxification. Click here to view our complete detox programs.

4. Are there any different types of detox?

Detox comes in various methods. E.g. there is skin detox that involves exfoliation using special rubs or ointments, there is lung detox that requires a good intake of fresh air, there is also internal body detox that requires healthy consumption of nutritious intakes such as juices, and lastly, there is mind detox, usually requires meditation. Therefore, if you’re looking for an optimum result, we highly recommend all these methods to be conducted during your free time. During a laid back weekend maybe?

5. What are the available payment methods?

Payments can be made online, a confirmation email will be sent to you directly after your payment has been received. Alternatively, bank transfer is also available. You can contact us through email or WhatsApp to find out more about payment methods. Click here to contact us or here for payment information

6. When is your production time?

At Cold Press, freshness is a top priority. Food preparation starts at 3am, followed by continuous production from 5am to 3pm. Delivery starts right after production time to ensure freshness and optimum shelf life.

7. How do you deliver the products?

We utilize both cool bags and insulated bags to maintain the minimum juice temperature.

8. Can I detox when I’m constantly active?

Sure you can! We recommend you to drink 1 bottle in the morning and take the other 4 bottles to go. In the evening, drink the last bottle at home. You can ask us for thermafreezer that is capable to maintain the right temperature for up to 8 hours (assuming that you do not open the bag for too long and too often).

9. How long can you keep the juices?

Juices are being produced fresh everyday. We recommend that our juices are being consumed within 72 hours after production, although the shelf life may span longer.

10. What is the purpose of detox?

Generally, detox is a cleansing process with a purpose of giving your body a break. Human body is a biological mechanism that requires cleansing every once in a while to optimize its performance.
Because of the small amount of calorie intake in each detox process, it is often that customers lose weight at the same time. The most often feedbacks from our customers state 1.5-2.5kg weight losses from every 3 days detox program.
Meanwhile, for those of you who just started the program, we recommend 1 to 3 days detoxification, allowing your body to adapt. Many of our customers feel that detox is a good start for a healthy lifestyle. Because usually, sugar cravings and appetite decreases after regular detox program, in addition to an added motivation after you’ve successfully lost weight. Click here for information on how to become a member

11. When is the best time to start detox?

Detox processes are made for individuals who would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle or for you who is just about to start a healthy beginning. So practically, you can start anytime when you’re ready. Click here to view our complete detox programs

12. Is detox safe during pregnancy?

For preggy peeps, we recommend to take the Mini Me package. Smaller in volume and acts as supplement instead of replacement of food. Mini Me are packed with the same nutritional benefits, they are an excellent source of vitamin

13. Will it help me to lose weight?

The main purpose of detox is cleansing, but due to a much less calorie intake during the process, our customers generally lose weight along the way

14. What if I’m allergic?

Please tell us about your allergy so we can customize our juices

15. What is your delivery time?

Delivery time ranges from 3pm-6pm for Jakarta Area

16. Will you deliver to cities outside of Jakarta?

Please contact us for deliveries outside of Jakarta

17. Can I detox during menstruation?

Yes you can. However, females are more languid during menstruation, and detox process may also make you feel unenergetic, especially when your body is not yet adapted to detox conditions. We would recommend you to choose a different time, outside your menstruation period.

18. Can I choose the flavors?

With our experience and knowledge in food science, the combinations of fruits and vegetables in Cold Press detox products have been carefully measured to maximize the nutritional value from each bottle. Unless you have allergic conditions, we recommend you to follow our programs

19. Are you available for events and parties?

We can certainly deliver for birthday parties, corporate events, social gatherings, and other special occasions. There is simply no better gift than to encourage someone to start living a healthy life. Contact us for more info


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